Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life with animals

I created this blog because I wanted a place to write about animals, and the title "Life With Animals" popped into my head. However, when I sat down to get things started, I wasn't sure exactly what I'd meant by the title. Should I focus on the literal and stick to posts about pets? Or should I think in more broad terms and write about animals in general? After all, even those who don't share their homes with animals DO share the planet with them. Or maybe I should write about my experiences as a volunteer at a wildlife infirmary and my return to college at the age of 40 in the hopes of obtaining an animal-related career? I switched my focus to my other blog, Animal Fact of The Day, and this poor "Life With Animals" blog has been sitting here for two weeks with nothing on it but a "check back later" message, because I haven't been able to decide on exactly what to do with it. Now, I've decided. The answer is - all of the above!

I expect some posts will simply be me musing on different animal topics, some will be about my days at the wildlife infirmary, and some will be pet tips.

Stay tuned! The first "real" post will be coming soon -- once I decide what the first post should be. ;)